Monday, February 17, 2014

Conservative Punk

Hello hello!

Today i am going to break down a few looks i have really seen trending within the last few months:

Pull that flannel from the back of your closet and put it to some use! Flannel is back! I have seen a few of the Kardashian's rocking the lumberjack style quite a few times now, as well as even guys, almost always tied around the waist. I LOVE this new trend because it really flatters my small waist and bigger hips. I'm always looking for new ways to wear bottoms with my booty, and this is perfect! I pulled this guy from my high school days. It's made by RVCA and was around $40. 

Gold chains have always been my favorite thing to search for, but lately i have been finding them easier. This certain chunky diamond chain was found at Forever 21 for $2.50!

We all know crop tops have been popular for a minute, but Baseball tops are just starting to get hot! I have been seeing them everywhere in the stores. I personally like crop tops because most normal tops are too short for my tall torso. This cuts out a lot of problems for me! If you feel like you can't rock the crop top try wearing a looser style. But please! Go buy yourself a Baseball shirt! I got this one at Express for 40% off clearance, i think $7. 

If you flip through the pages of vogue, you'll notice that hair trends are extremely undone. This look goes perfectly with the punk/grunge fashion that is surfacing. I was inspired by this, but wanted to look a little bit more kept. 
This look took me about 10 min. to put together. Listen up!
First i did a big french braid in my hair last night. I didn't take it out until this morning. My hair was already about the 3rd day feeling at this point. When i took the braid out it was very crimped and kinked at the ends. I utilized my straightener to do around 10 very tight curls on the top surface of my hair to give it more height at the base. I alternated all the curls in different directions and away from my face at the very front near my face. This gave my hair much more texture and a more natural, beachy curl. I shook my hair really well, sprayed it with some stronger hold hairspray (TIGI Session Series Hairspray) and scrunched it up with my hands.
Walla! The "I didn't even do my hair today, except i did" look! 

This is an extreme look for makeup, but i feel it was appropriate considering my bold outfit choice. If this look is too much makeup for you, i would do just one or the other. Smokey eyes are always a hit, and they are very striking, but orange lips are a NEW trend that i have seen this NYFW on the Red Carpet.
 I chose TIGI Lip Creme in Miami. 
I picked this because i was in a pinch and i didn't have much time to spend on my lips. (Mostly because i spent way too much time on my eyes...) haha. This particular product i chose flatters almost all skin types well and really keeps my lips hydrated. Plus the longevity of it is amazing!  

I have been searching for the right pair of platform sneakers for a LONG time! Finally i found this pair at the vans outlet for $45! yay for sassy, cheap, comfortable shoes! If you can't find this particular pair i just saw some today that are just plain black at H&M. This is a good option for you shorter girls, you all know i don't need that! 

This is all i have for you today lovely ones, until next time!
don't buy anything unless it's on SALE!

-Kiki Mamma

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