Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Review on Vinylux: The Golden Nail Polish

Are you ready for me to blow your mind?

Remember when Shellac surfaced and everyone fell in love with gel nails? I should know because i was one of the first who swore "i will never use nail polish again." I'm eating my words you guys...CND, you did it again! and this time its better than ever. 

CND was one of the first companies to create the revolutionary Shellac. The first gel nails. Gel polish has many benefits, but today i am going to explain why i have switched back to regular polish again! 

Okay Ladies, Let me tell you the reason i love Vinylux so much. 
  1. You don't need a stupid Base Coat! Just buff, clean, Polish, and Top Coat! 
  2. No stupid $200+ light required! Vinylux does not require a UV light to cure the coats. In fact, their patented top coat technology hardens the surface of your polish over time. The longer the polish stays on your nails, the harder it gets. This means no chipping! This also means shorter time in the salon! Are you convinced yet? Wait! There's more!
  3. Incredibly fast drying time. I'm not kidding you guys, by the time i get back to my pinky fingers its perfectly dry. Let me give you an example: I was at the salon and had about 45 min. to kill until a men's cut. I thought..."well i might as well do some Vinylux on my nails while i'm waiting!" It took me about 15 minutes from start to finish, when i was notified that my haircut came 30 minutes early! Crap. In a normal situation you would panic. I would probably end up taking all the polish off because there would be NO WAY you could do anything reasonable for the first 30 minutes after applying regular nail polish without getting ripples and smudges. No joke...i took my men's cut immediately and i had no mess ups! It dries so fast!
  4. A huge selection of shades! There are 62 shades of Vinylux currently, while more are coming out in special editions as we speak. This is plenty of choice for me.
  5. No more wrapping your fingers in tin foil for 20 minutes and chipping off the paint, only to find your nails a little dried out and damaged. Vinylux comes off with just acetone like a dream. No damage here!
  6. You can take this home with you! Yes! Come get it done by myself, and literally take the bottle home with you so you can touch it up whenever you please! Because Vinylux is a professional product it needs to be purchased through retailers like salons, etc. No worries my friends, Suggestions Salon and Myself have you covered. If you are not a mani kind of girl, you can buy the Top Coat and your selection of Colours for about $10 a bottle. This is luxury polish without the price tag. 
Okay now, if you still aren't totally convinced that this isn't just glorified nail polish i have some hard evidence for you doubters. The Picture below was 7 days after i applied the polish. Can you see any flaws? There is minimal chips slighty at the free edge. I swear i did not photoshop this! 

Did i fully convince you? Do not waste any more money on regular nail polish. Have beautifully polished nails for once! Come see me at Suggestions Salon on Orem Blvd. $10 for a polish with Vinylux if you add it to another service, and about $10 a bottle to take home for yourself!
call 8012266993 for appointments and ask for, me, Kirsten Tobar!

Stay beautiful ladies!
Kiki Mamma

Click the link to watch more info about Vinylux from the CND official YouTube page.

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