Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Red Velvet Lips and Formal Plaid

Hello Friends!
Today i am going to break down an outfit from last week that was majorly discounted. I love sales! A makeup choice i thought would go well with this was a deep Ombre Lip. I have notices a lot of dark, deep, red lips surfacing lately. This is a convenient look because it pairs very nicely with a more semi formal outfit choice and doesn't take the time a smokey eye would. 

Let's get started.

I did my hair half up for this one. This is something i haven't done for a LONG time. I was inspired by Khloe Kardashian who has been doing this sleek look recently. Because my hair was really tight and away from my face i decided my makeup need to be crisp and on point. I did a lighter version of what my brow normally is, a light cat eye (using TIGI Liquid Liner) and deep lips. Remember for everyday makeup either excentuate the eyes or the lips, but not both. If i enhance my lips i usually wear a simple falsh eyelash strips to give my eyes a little pop without being overwhelming. 

I tied my pony with a small rubber elastic then wrapped a tiny section of hair around the pony tail so no elastic was visible. 

Plaid it still hot! Add it to your wardrobe! I found this top 40% off clearance at EXPRESS for under $15! 

I paired the top with some dressy shorts, also from EXPRESS. 

I have been looking for a pair of footed opaque tights EVERYWHERE. Finally i found them at H&M on the BOGO free rack! My shoes are made by Steve Madden. I found them at Century 21 in New York for $75. Originally over $150. 

Ombre those lips! I have seen this look everywhere lately!

TIGI Cosmetics Blush in Lovely.

I line the outer corner with my TIGI Cosmetics Lipliner in Kiss. I absolutely love TIGI Lipliners because they are super creamy, full of jojoba oils so they don't dry out your lips. Plus they glide on SUPER smooth and stay on ALL day. I lined my cupids bow and middle of lips with this red MAC Lipliner. Remember to prime your lips before you start with an eyeshadow base or concealer! This will help with longevity!

I followed this liners with these Satin MAC Lipsticks. The Right in MAC RED and the left in FILM NOIR. I blended the line by patting with my fingers. 

Let me know what you think ladies. Remember, don't buy anything unless its on sale!


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