Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Brows, Brows, and more Brows!

It's been too long my friends.
Today my post is all about Eyebrows. The most important feature of your face, in my opinion, next to your eyes. If you know me at all, you know i am a brow freak! I get lots of questions on my brows. How i pencil them in, what products i use, etc. Don't worry girls, i am in the process of making tutorials that i will upload to youtube which will consist of all my makeup tricks! Coming soon! YAY!

Until then...
We will be splurging on everything brows in this post. Fashion week has been happening everywhere lately. I drool over the many posts i see everyday! I get so excited about the hair and makeup especially, and brow have been on point lately! Let's look at the inspiration of brows in fashion, shall we?

Cara Delevigne. 
The IT girl.
That girl with the bushy brows?
You bet. 
That's her.  

This girls brows have a mind of their own. They are her signature look. With out them she frankly would be your average model. Designers have taken her brows and embraced them; incorporating them into many looks the past year. 

This picture was taken from Celine Spring/Summer 14' collection from Paris Fashion Week. Very exaggerated... but you can't deny it!

Gold Brows
 This would be very fun to try for a night out or a special event. This look was from Christian Dior's Spring/Summer 14' collection from Parish Fashion Week.

Filling your brows in a different way can really change your look. If you didn't notice already, this is Kendall Jenner (The younger sister of the Kardashian girls). It made her look totally different, but i don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. This look was created for Marc Jacobs's Spring/Summer 14' collection for New York Fashion Week. 

Colored Brows
Colored Brows are just surfacing. I have only seen this look a few times in Utah so far, but i believe it could get really popular in the future. I personally love it. It's something in makeup that has never been done before as a day look. This look was from Beste Gurel's Spring/Summer 14' collection at Istanbul Fashion Week. 

I love how this look transitioned from light to dark. By doing this it creates a subtle ombre effect; this helps by not closing the eyes off. 

Pastels, perfect for spring. 

 And here is my attempt. I'll be honest... i did get some odd looks from strangers that day at the doctor's office, the gym, and running errands! I really did want to test this look out though. I applied the product in more of an ombre transition to help the color look a bit softer. Because my brows were so bold i chose a nude, glossy lip. I didn't want to overpower my face and be mistaken for drag! 
For the pink i used a NYX Lip Pencil and transitioned it with my brown gel liner from MAC. 

I paired my spunky brows with this new crop top long sleeve shirt i snatched from Forever 21 for $10! 
So Gangster!

I know this post was little far out, maybe not applicable to some of you, but fashion is so organic and moving. It's very fun to follow the trends! Stay tuned for some awesome tutorials! 

Love, Kiki Mamma

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