Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bronzed Out J-Lo Status

Hi my friends! 
It has been too long since my last post. I apologize for making you wait so long! I have a great post for you today. It's all about getting a bronzey sun kissed look. I show all the products i use for the entire face and go into detail on each one! Basically if you want to look like J-Lo then stay tuned! Also, if you aren't already, go follow my instagram page here to see my daily makeup looks! 

Here is the look:

Lets get started!
 First i did all of the foundation. Sometimes i choose to do brows and eyeshadow first so i can clean up with my face with the foundation after. But today the eyeshadow is very basic and not complicated at all.
 I used this TIGI Cream Foundation in the shade Light for under my eyes, a little on my cheeks and anywhere else where i felt like i needed a little more full coverage. Below is a picture of the 4 shades in come in. These are the same foundations i used in my contour tutorial on YouTube here.

Then i applied MAC Face and Body Foundation in the shade C4 all over the rest of my face. This foundation is SUPER runny because it has a water base. This foundation goes on more translucent but can be layered to a full coverage look. I like it for myself because it is very hydrating for my dry skin. Some oily skin types may not like the certain foundation because it can make them feel greasy, but for most skin types it works quite well. Just remember to set it with a loose powder after applying! I used it for this look because it has a great dewy finish. 

For my Brows i used all Anastasia Beverly Hills Products. This is a new brand i have been working with, but i am so impressed with the quality, and i don't think i could use anything else for my brows ever again! First i used the product on the left. This is a brow liner called Brow Wiz in the shade Blonde. This is what i used for the inner corners, the top line of my brows, and the high arches. I used this lighter color for those areas so my eyes are look very open. Sometimes when the inner corners of your eyebrows are penciled in with darker shades is can really close off the eyes. Be careful with that! 
The picture on the right is called Brow Pomade in Chocolate. This is what i use for the bottom line and outer tail of my brows. I use a very small angled eyeliner brush for this step and am very careful not to draw a harsh line on the bottom on the inner corner. Blend those brows! If i want to blend any harsh lines i just use an eyebrow want and brush my brows a little. Good news, the brow wiz has a brush on the other end!

 This shadow is easy easy! TIGI High Density Eye shadows are very pigmented and pack on extremely well. I packed this eyeshadow in Natural on the inner corner, underneath my bottom lashes, and on the top on my lids. 

TIGI makes these eyeshadow quads that are a good bang for your buck. They pair the shades so well so you can get an amazing look fast and easy without having to dig through your makeup bag for all of your shadows. I used this quad called Love Affair. The middle right shade i used on the outer corner of my eyes, and then the bottom shade i lined on my bottom lash line. 

After blending all of those bronzy browns i highlighted my brow bone with this High Density Shadow in Champagne. I LOVE this shade because it highlights so beautifully! 

After my eyes were finished i worked on my face a little to give it a sun kissed look. I used the High Density Shadow in Natural that i used on my lid on my face as well because it gave my face an amazing glow. I put this shadow on the top of my cheeks, down my nose, on my chin and above both of my eyebrows. This shadow was perfect!

Then i contoured a little with this TIGI Bronzer. Nothing too intense. 

I set everything else that didn't get any powder with this TIGI Powder Foundation in the shade Beauty. Remember to always set your work with powder. It will help with the longevity throughout the day. 

I gave myself a little cat eye, hardly lining the top of my lash line so i didn't take away from my eyeshadow. 

 Did my lashes with this Eyes Love It Mascara in Black. I like this Mascara because it stays on pretty well throughout the day and it has rose oil in it, so it smells super yummy!

 I lined my lips with this TIGI Lipliner in Nude. It's one of my favorites if you haven't already noticed!

Put this TIGI Lipstick in Beauty all over my lips. This is what the old tube looks like. 

This is what they new packaging looks like so you can find it better!

Over the top i used this TIGI Lip gloss in Your Highness. This lip gloss is extremely THICK. If you want a gloss that literally stays on allllll day, this is your little number. Some do not like this thick feel, but personally i love it because it means less touching up during the day and you will have this lip gloss for YEARS!

 Finally set my face with NYX Dewy Finish setting spray. If you have been following me lately you know i have been loving this stuff! I truly feel that my makeup stay on so much better with the help of this product. If you don't like dewy they also make one in Matte! and its only $4.99! 

The final Look one more time...

Thank you everyone for reading. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! If you would like to follow my #MOTD (Makeup of the Day) i post daily on instagram, go follow me here. Yay for bronzy J-Lo lovin' makeup!
Love you all!
Kiki Mamma

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